Oyster’s Features

Discover the best way to live a life well-read
on all of your favorite devices: Android, Apple iOS, and Kindle Fire.

Your Personal Library

Just like your well-read friend from back in the day, we learn what you love (and hate), to offer personalized picks based on your tastes and activity.

Immersive Exploring

Browse & read books hand-picked by our editorial team and allow us
to bring you into other worlds or ignite new interests and passions.

Design in the Details

Oyster was designed with one thing in mind: books. Every detail we add,
no matter how big or small, is made with this in mind. When put together,
these details create an experience unlike anything else available.

  • Hi-res photography & covers
    bring genres and editorial
    collections to life.

  • Hand-picked typography
    gives Oyster a distinctive
    look and feel.

  • Our clean & simple interface
    gets out of the way, bringing
    your focus to great books.

Easy Reader

Digital reading should be a delight.
Sync reading & activity between devices and read your books offline in our beautifully designed reader.